London circa 1720 : Corelli’s legacy

L’héritage de Corelli

harmonia mundi - 2020

London circa 1720 is the second part of a series of 4 discs on the history of instrumental music in England, from the end of the 17th century to the end of the 18th century, the result of a long research work.

After a first part on the Purcell years, this new opus, dedicated to Handel’s early years in England, is placed under the sign of Italy and plunges the listener into the vogue of virtuoso instrumental sonatas and Italian opera. These first years of Handel’s life, still very corellian, are linked to some of his favorite instruments in England, such as the recorder, for which many violin concertos and opera arias are arranged.

Works by Georg Friedrich Handel, Arcangelo Corelli, Wiliam Babell, Johann Christoph Schickhardt, Francesco Geminiani,…

Recorded on October 28 to 31, 2019, at the German Church in Paris.

Enregistrement Londres 1720 Photo Robin Davies


  • Sébastien Marq & Marine Sablonnière, recorders
  • Serge Saitta & Olivier Riehl, traversos
  • Stéphan Dudermel & Ajay Ranganathan, violins
  • Florence Bolton, viola da gamba
  • Benoit Vanden Bemden, double bass
  • Benjamin Perrot, theorbo
  • Carsten Lohff, harpsichord

Production La Rêveuse | with the support of ADAMI, Région Centre-Val de Loire and the city of Orléans

harmonia mundi


« An all-round superb album »
Marc Seow, Gramophone editor’s choice, 6 Novembre 2020

“La Rêveuse behandelt diese musikalischen Nuggets mit Elan, gefühlvollem Ausdruck und dem richtigen Sinn für Modernität. Ob melancholisch oder sich mit ansteckender Begeisterung amüsierend, die Musiker teilen mit uns diese aufregende Zeit im Londoner Musikleben des frühen 18. Jahrhunderts!”
Toccata, November 5, 2020