Direction artistique Benjamin Perrot & Florence Bolton

Marin Marais - La Biscayenne

------ MIRARE (MIR 386) - sortie le 12 janvier 2018 --------------------- CHOIX FRANCE MUSIQUE ---------------

Choc Hit of the year prize

The CD Trio Sonatas - Uppsala Manuscript / D.Buxtehude (released for the label Mirare on february 2017) has been awarded the 'CHOC' Hit of the Year prize for 2017 by the magazine Classica.


It is a further accolade to be added to a long list of other awards this year:

Choc de l'année (Hit of the Year), and Prise du Son du Mois (Recording of the month) in Classica; 5 Diapasons; ffff Telerama; Bestenliste from Deutsche SchallPlatten Krittik; Joker from the Belgian review Crescendo; 5 croches from the Luxembourg review Pizzicato; Clef du Mois de Resmusica; Choix de France Musique; Choix de Francis Drésel/Radio Classique.

Cabaret show


The story of penny whistle in France and Europe

 - Educational Concert -

By Philippe Bolton, the stringed recorders maker

With flute & sax courses from the Conservatory of Orléans

> 29 nov., 19:00 : Room of the Institute, Orléans (45)


Iconographie et facture instrumentale

- Educational Concert -

By Philippe Bolton, stringed recorders maker

with Florence Bolton & Benjamin Perrot

> 1 dec., 18:00 : Fine Arts Museum of Orléans (45)


Next Concerts : Marin Marais to honor

Lawn Party

A concert in preview of the release of Marin Marais album planned for the 12 of January 2018 / Choix de France Musique


> 16 of  december, 20:30, Baarnse Paaskerk (Baarn, Netherlands), Saison Prelude Klassieke Muziek

Music of Marin Marais and François Couperin

Florence Bolton, viola da gamba

Benjamin Perrot, théorbo

Carsten Lohff, harpsichord


>17 of december, 17:00, Sainte Marguerite church (Bouge-Namur, Belgium)

Music, Marin Marais and François Couperin

Florence Bolton, viola da gamba

Benjamin Perrot, theorbo


Extract on Youtube

La Biscayenne, Marin Marais