Direction artistique Benjamin Perrot & Florence Bolton

Marin Marais - Pièces de viole

MIRARE (MIR 386) - 2018

Opéra bus's tour 2018

Our first tour in Opera Bus in Centre - Val de Loire is right now!

4 weeks (from 5th to 30th november),

60 concerts, 2000 km, 25 towns!


Awards: Prix Mobilité et Culture de la Fondation PSA; Prix Défis 2018 FFEA (Fédération française de l'enseignement artistique)

with the support of Spedidam, Adami and the croundfounding Ulule.


Find all the informations about the first week in our Ulule space.

See us on french TV France 3.

CD Release

London Circa 1700, Purcell and his generation

Label Mirare / distribution Harmonia Mundi - PIAS

Award: Choix de France Musique


CD signing

> 16.12.18 | 17:00 | Librairie des Temps Modernes, Orléans (45)


International release

> 18.01.19



Muppet Musical show

Jack and the beanstalk

A puppet play with baroque music inspired by the imagery of the great English illustrator Walter Crane and the music of John Playford's English Dancing Master (1651).


Kristof Le Garff, puppeteer

Florence Bolton & Benjamin Perrot, musicians


> 19.12.18 | 16:30: Espace Béraire, La Chapelle Saint Mesmin (45)


Link to the reportage France 3 Bretain about the shows during the Lanvellec Festival in nov.17.

Link YouTube to the teaser

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