Serinette et Flageolets

Conférence musicale, School

9 h 15

Conservatoire de Saint Nazaire

Ecole Victor Hugo de Saint-Nazaire

4-12, Rue Etienne Jodelle
Saint-Nazaire, 44600

Birds are present in the culture of many civilizations. They announce the change of seasons and especially spring, are good or bad omens, symbolize qualities or often human defects: bird brain, linnet head, silly like a turkey, a goose or a woodcock, talkative like a magpie, ... But do we know that birds are particularly intelligent creatures, capable of adapting to the new ways of life that man imposes on them? It is undoubtedly birds that gave the first men the idea of making music and instruments, and many birds have inspired composers of all times. The song of birds, although far removed from human music, has never ceased to inspire composers, from antiquity to the present day. Why do we prefer the nightingale to the crow? Is it really possible to transcribe bird song into music? How do the instruments that imitate their songs work? Discover with the ensemble La Rêveuse, the answers to all these questions and many more... ! Florence Bolton, viola da gamba and commentary Benjamin Perrot, theorbo, baroque guitar and serinette Kôske Nozaki, bird flageolets