The Birds’ concert & The carnival of The Carnival of the endangered animals

Harmonia Mundi - 2023

A brilliant homage to animals, this program takes us on a journey through the centuries: to the ancient pages freely inspired by the song of birds from Couperin to Ravel, answers an astonishing Carnival of Animals in Peril. The composer Vincent Bouchot makes us aware of the disappearance of certain species of animals… as well as of certain musical instruments, which almost disappeared as well.

The Birds’ concert : Recording in June 2022 at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Saint-Jean-de-Braye
The Carnival of the endangered animals : Recording in January 2022 at the Amphitheatre of the Cité de musique

La Rêveuse – Photo Arnaud Kéhon

La Rêveuse   Sébastien Marq, flageolets and recorders   Kôske Nozaki, flageolets, recorders, court musette and gemshorn   Florence Bolton, bass  & pardesssus de viole   Benjamin Perrot, theorbo and baroque guitar   Jean-Miguel Aristizabal, harpsichord (the Birds’ concert)   Sylvain Lemêtre, marimba, vibraphone and percussion (The Carnival of the endangered animals)

Harmonia Mundi