Le Rossignol et l’Empereur de Chine

School, Spectacle musical

14 h 30

Opéra de Bordeaux

Auditorium de l'Opéra

8 - 13 Cr Georges Clemenceau
Bordeaux, 33000

Today, at a time when biodiversity is so badly affected and birds are gradually disappearing from our soundscape, the ensemble La Rêveuse has teamed up with Cécile Hurbault, a specialist in Asian shadow theater, to adapt a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, published in 1843, The Nightingale and the Emperor of China. This musical and ecological creation takes a contemporary look at the relationship between man and animal and proposes to mirror descriptive character pieces of the 18th century French around birds and original contemporary pieces written by the composer Vincent Bouchot. This show is also an opportunity to hear the bird flageolets and serinettes, disappeared instruments dear to the birders and bird lovers of the time... It charms all audiences from the age of 6 years!
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