Cantatas for solo voice

Mirare (MIR 442) - 2020

Former capital of the Hanseatic League from Novgorod to London, Lübeck was also, in Buxtehude’s time, an artistic centre that spread far beyond the northern shores of the Holy Roman Empire.
In these Lutheran lands, Buxtehude and his contemporaries composed an innovative spiritual repertoire for solo voice, nourished by Italian cantatas, rhetoric and theatricality.

Photo Robin Davies

  • Maïlys de Villoutreys, soprano
  • Stéphan Dudermel et Fiona Poupard, violins
  • Florence Bolton, trible viol & viola da gamba
  • Andreas Linos, tenor gamba
  • Sylvia Abramowicz, viola da gamba
  • Emily Audouin, viola da gamba
  • Sébastien Wonner, orguan
  • Carsten Lohff, harpsichord
  • Benjamin Perrot, theorbo

Recorded in Paris – German protestant Church, October 2018

Mirare - distribution Harmonia Mundi/PIAS

Released: 14 février 2020

International review :

« This CD is a welcome insight into the North German school pre-Bach, tastefully performed.»
David Stancliffe, Early Music Review, July 20

« Probably the best-known work on this recording is Buxtehude’s setting of Psalm 110, “Dixit Dominus.” De Villoutreys sings the Latin text with clarity and buoyancy, her voice nicely nestled into the higher frequencies of baroque violin, theorbo, and harpsichord. She loses no power in the very low pitches in the second half of the Psalm. The recording’s rich, lifelike sound production is especially flattering to the wooden instrument,s »
Anne E. Johnson, ClassicalvoiceAmerica,, April 20

« This is an absolutely gorgeous recording. »
Peter Loewen, American Record Guide , August 20

« The entire concert is given an ideal performance by the wonderful chamber group La Rêveuse »
David Reznick, Fanfare, September 20

« This recording is a welcome addition to an under-explored repertory given its due in a beautiful performance. »

Robert A. Green, Viola da gamba society of America, Mars 20

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Radio Klassik Stephansdom, April 20

A selection of best French critics :

“The warm and refined interpretation of the nine instrumentalists, who take turns throughout the album, is joined six times by the luminous and expressive soprano of Maïlys de Villoutreys, for seductive sacred cantatas …”.
Sophie Bourdais, Telerama, April 2020

“With its spider-like and sensual violins, capable of the most radiant arabesques, its viols weaving melodies and counterpoints of a moving ever-changing depth, its continuo whose inventiveness goes beyond the simple supporting role, La Rêveuse demonstrates its dazzling mastery at every moment. Clear, limpid, the humble but intense path of the performers is revealed through the listening process as nourishing as it is moving. »
Jean-Christophe Pucek, Diapason, March 2020

“Very cleverly conceived, accompanied by a remarkable text by Florence Bolton, this programme is more thematic than monographic […]. Herr, wenn ich nur dich hab BuxWV 38 develops its devotional song on a six-note ostinato bass before the two violins light up the sky with semiquaver triplets. Masterful. »
Philippe Venturini, Classica, April 2020