Les Soirées du Régent

Cantatas and sonatas at the Palais-Royal

The Regent Philippe d'Orléans, who ruled France during the minority of Louis XV, was a music lover.

Trained from an early age by renowned musicians, he had reached an almost professional level, rare for someone of his rank. He played the viola da gamba, as well as the traverso, harpsichord and guitar. He also took an interest in composition and wrote three operas.
Although the Regency occupied most of his time from 1715, he provided protection and financial support to some of the most brilliant French and Italian musicians of his time.
Thus the cantata genre, a miniature opera, began at the Palais Royal, under the impulse of Jean-Baptiste Morin, André Campra and others.
Strongly influenced by Italian music, Philippe d’Orléans knew how to defend this new fashionable genre, combining French sweetness and Italian fire.

Music by Jean-Baptiste Morin, François Couperin, André Campra, Michele Mascitti, etc.

  • Eugénie Lefebvre  I  soprano
  • Renaud Brès  I  bass
  • Serge Saitta  I  traverso
  • Stéphan Dudermel  I  violin
  • Florence Bolton  I  viola da gamba
  • Benjamin Perrot  I  theorbo
  • Clément Geoffroy  I harpsichor

Eugénie Lefebvre, soprano @Didier Knoff