London 1700

Purcell & his generation

Many musicians came from abroad to try their luck in 18th century London.

In this capital city which was particularly open to European influence, a virtuoso, passionate and flamboyant style developed, mingling Italian sensuality, German virtuosity and typically English harmony…

  • Stéphan Dudermel & Olivier Briand, violins
  • Florence Bolton, viola da gamba
  • Benjamin Perrot, theorbo
  • Carsten Lohff / Clément Geoffroy, organ (& harpsichord)

The disc

label Mirare 2019 | distribution Harmonia Mundi

« La Rêveuse elegantly interprets these works, and the ensemble performance is impeccable. »
Viola da gamba society of America, February 19

« Otra interesante propuesta discográfica de la casa Mirare, (…) Interpreta el ensemble La Reveuse, con virtuosos solistas como Florence Bolton (viola da gamba) y Benjamin Perrot (tiorba). »
Jesus Vega, el Nuevo Herald, January 2019

« Wir hören minutiös ausgearbeitete Interpretationen, kristallklar ausphrasiert, mit detailverliebter Spielkultur, einer wunerbar differentierenden Farbpalette und einem kontinuierlich sehr spontan wirkendem Spiel, wobei das Technische nur woraussetzung ins nur für sinnliche Interpretationen voll zarter Empfindung, oft mit einem Hauch zarter Melancholie. (…) What a beautiful CD, with plenty of appealing music in sensual performances with, here and there, a shade of melancholy. »
Pizzicato, January 2019

« To taste sonata by sonata, this recording as sensual as reflected is a pure happiness »
Emmanuelle Giuliani, La Croix, January 2019

« Great art».
Ivan A Alexandre, Diapason, November 15

« Inhabited, pioneering, coherent, the new programme of La Rêveuse dazzles with its musicality»
Benjamin Ballifh, Classiquenews, October/November15

« United in a true collective project, these brilliant individuals serve Purcell’s music with as much instinct as intelligence, that their performance style marks as an important stage in the interpretation of this repertoire.»
Jean-Christophe Pucek, September 2015