London 1740

Romance and ballads in Vauxhall Gardens

London circa 1740 is the third of a series of 4 recordings evoking the history of instrumental music in England during the eighteenth century.

The 1740s were dominated by the instrumental fashion of the German flute, the opening of cultural venues to wide audiences, and the birth of new cultural spaces like public gardens. Last but not least, after London’s leading position, the rising influence of the provinces, of which one of the main symbols was the fashion for “traditional” Scottish music reflecting the discussion on nature in fashion during the 18th century.
At a time when we can question the future of Europe, the situation following the recent Brexit, the rivalry between capitals and provinces, and the attitude towards migrants, London was, in the middle of the eighteenth century the perfect example of a city governed by a “foreigner”. George II, a German sovereign, took advantage of his European awareness to relay the ideological and artistic arguments that were shaking the continent and thus reveal his modernity.

Eugénie Lefèbvre, soprano Olivier Riehl, traverso Stéphan Dudermel, violin Ajay Ranganathan, violin Sophie Iwamura, viola Florence Bolton, bass and viola da gamba Benjamin Perrot, archlute and baroque guitar Clément Geoffroy, harpsichord Benoît Vanden Bemdem, double bass