Purcell’s Devotional Songs & Anthems

For three male voices

Purcell's devotional songs for three male voices are still little known and shrouded in a certain mystery. Yet these meditations on the frailty of human existence are among his finest and most moving works.

Gifted with profound intuition of the emotions that can emerge from the union of text and music, this formidable composer, who understood and served the vocal music of his time so well, continues here the work begun by the masters of the preceding generation such as Henry Lawes

  • Sean Clayton, tenor
  • Marc Mauillon, tenor
  • Renaud Bres, bass
  • Benjamin Perrot, theorbo
  • Florence Bolton, viola da gamba
  • Clément Geoffroy, organ & harpsichord

Programme Purcell – Photograph Nathaniel Baruch

The disc

“This is a most fascinating and highly impressive disc which sheds light on a less familiar part of Purcell’s oeuvre. The character and quality of the music and the outstanding performances make this disc a winner in every respect. ”
Johan van Veen, Musica Dei Donum, feb. 2016